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We are reaching out and offering ourselves to help connect educators and learners at schools within the community, with experts in the development and construction industry. It is our mission to bring real world relevance and career exposure by shedding light on different paths and opportunities available to students locally. This is an opportunity for educators to better prepare students for future decisions regarding education and help navigate their various paths to success in the work force.

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We recognize that teachers do not always have the tools or the time to invite guest speakers, industry experts and specialists to talk and teach in classrooms. To that, we would like to extend ourselves, as professionals with a proven framework to guide productive classroom discussions and share wealth of information.

Fill out the form and our administrative team will connect you with one of our industry leaders in Urban Planning or Civil Engineering to speak to your classroom.

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DG Group takes pride in participating in events and associating with those that foster unity and raise awareness. We are committed to the local Conservation Authority and its endeavor to sponsor outdoor education and restoration projects; we proudly support William Osler’s annual Ski Day, Gala and Hockey Night, all of which help to finance medical equipment and fund development initiatives, and we are also an integral part of the Region of Simcoe’s “Connect Campaign”, which is raising funds for a $6.5 million project to renovate Scanlon Creek’s enduring Nature Center.